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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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This Captain he takes, in a #oZ<#-ballast'd ship, Each summer to Terra damnosa a trip, For which he begs, borrows, scrapes all he can get, And runs his poor Owners most vilely in debt.
The last time he set out for this blessed place, He met them, and told them a most piteous case, Of a Sister of his19, who, though bred up at court, Was ready to perish for want of support.
This Hwn-gry Sister, he then did pretend, Would be to his Owners a notable friend, If they would at that critical juncture supply her—They did—but alas! all the fat "s in the fire!
This our Captain no sooner had finger'd the cole, But he hies him abroad with his good Madame Vole— Where, like a true tinker, he manag'd this metal, And while he stopp'd one hole, made ten in the kettle.
His Sister, whom he to his Owners had sworn To see duly settl'd before his return, He gulls with bad messages sent to and fro, Whilst he underhand claps up a peace with her foe.
He then turns this Sister adrift,   and declares Her most mortal foes were her Father's right heirs— < G—d z—ds!' cries the world,   ' such a  step was ne'er
taken!' '0, ho!' says Nol Bluff, ' I have sav'd my own bacon.
'Let Prance damn the Germans, and undamn the Dutch, And Spain on Old England pish ever so much, Let Russia bang Sweden, or Sweden bang that, I care not, by Robert! one Mck of my hat.
19 Maria Theresa, Queen, of Hungary.